The Golf Management Institute of Canada Celebrates 20 years of Academic Excellence

October 1, 2019 (Oakville, Ontario)  – October 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the Golf Management Institute of Canada (GMIC).

It was in October, 1999 when the GMIC launched its first online course in HR Management for 13 students from across Canada.  Since then the GMIC has delivered more than 200 online courses to hundreds of students from 20 countries around the world and been recognized for its online training excellence by the Canadian Society for Training and Development.

“It’s hard to believe the GMIC is 20 years old,” says founder and president Grant Fraser. “From day one, the GMIC’s objective was to deliver excellence in online golf management education. I am proud of the work the GMIC has done in training the next generation of golf managers and leaders.”

Warren Crosbie, Chair of the GMIC board of directors, is one of many leaders in Canadian golf who helped shape the direction of the GMIC and its programs. “On behalf of all GMIC board members, past and present, I would like to acknowledge the contributions the GMIC has made in education and professional development to the Canadian golf industry. I believe the GMIC has made a difference and improved the educational and professional development opportunities that now exist for anyone looking to pursue a career in the golf industry.”

In addition to Warren Crosbie, other golf and business leaders who have served as a GMIC board member include Dean Baker, Ian Chan, Vito Cirone, Ken Cousineau, Anne Edgar, Chuck Fitzpatrick, Mac Frost, Dick Grimm, Susan Hodkinson, Steve Johnson, David Kaufman, Keith Keindel, Bob Lees, Keith McIntyre, Joe Murphy, Ian Scott, and Kevin Thistle.

In addition to offering its own online proprietary program in golf operations management, the GMIC established a variety of unique academic partnerships with Georgian College, Niagara College, the University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University and, most recently, McMaster University.  In all cases, GMIC curriculum and faculty were used as part of golf management programs offered at the post- secondary level.

Over the years, the GMIC also established corporate and golf industry partnerships with Burnside & Associates, the Canadian Junior Golf Association, ClubLink Corporation, Global Golf Advisors, Golf Ontario, Golf Town, the John Dobson Foundation, Ontrak, PGA of Canada, PING, Rainbird, The Rock Golf Club and RBC Financial, all of whom generously provided their support to the GMIC for online course development and the GMIC’s Student Excellence Student Scholarship Program, an annual award presented to a Niagara College professional golf management (PGM) student who excelled academically and best personified the merits of the game.

One of the GMIC’s most significant partnerships was with the PGA of Canada. In 2010, the GMIC was retained by the PGA of Canada to design and develop five modules as part of their new Candidate Training Program with a specific mandate to provide independent learning opportunities for aspiring golf professionals.

Today, there are numerous successful GMIC students working in various management positions across Canada and around the world. One such example is Scott MacLeod from Kingston, Ontario, a distinguished GMIC graduate, who works as the managing editor for Flagstick Magazineand Ontario Golf News.

“The GMIC program has been invaluable in my career. Not only in becoming a PGA of Canada Class A Professional, but in the growth  through connections within the faculty and fellow students. I grew my knowledge on different subjects, found ways to make areas of my career better, and developed skills that I use within and outside of work,” says MacLeod.

In April 2017, the GMIC entered its most recent phase in online golf management education. After a long and successful partnership with Wilfrid Laurier University, the GMIC’s 10-course online program was acquired by McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing Education.

“I am delighted that we are now able to offer this program,” says Lorraine Carter, Director of McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCE). “It is an important complement to our existing business programs and a commitment by McMaster’s Centre for Continuing Education to offer new and diverse programs. Congratulations to the GMIC on its 20-year milestone. We are thrilled to continue working with Grant and the GMIC’s team of industry professionals.”

“What was always an excellent program is now even better given the resources McMaster has dedicated to it. I am pleased that all of the work that was started 20 years ago by the GMIC’s board members, industry partners and outstanding faculty will continue under McMaster University’s direction,” says Fraser.

Students who complete the new online program at McMaster CCE will receive a diploma in Golf & Resort Management from McMaster University and an industry certification from the GMIC.

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