Golf The World.ca showcases many of the world’s best golf destinations. As an avid golfer and traveler, I have had the privilege of visiting many spectacular places over the past decade. My intention is to share some of the highlights of these destinations with you hoping that you too will have the opportunity to experience some of the greatest places on earth with your golf clubs and several of your closest friends.



ICYMI: On behalf of over 800 facilities, 110,000 workers & 1.8 Million golfers, we are calling for golf to be part of the solution. Golf is Safe. And equally important to the physical & mental well-being of so many. Proud of the leadership of We Are Golf⛳️ https://youtu.be/DSd1ALwFPVc

Last but certainly not least, Lorraine Carter, Director of @mcmasterconted.

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We are proud to have @gfrasergolf as the host of our Business Entrepreneurship series!

Fraser is an #entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience launching and selling businesses.

.@GJ_AC announces new board of directors. Welcome to @YoungerGolf as our incoming president whose leadership will continue to move @GJ_AC forward. Thank you to all board members for your contributions & to @mcphersoncomm for all your work over the last 2 years as our president.